Saturday, 7 November 2015

Finally something has stuck to the Teflon Pan

Belfast developer allowed to claim fraud in Anglo case

Belfast High Court gives Odyssey builder leave to sue IBRC for negligence and fraud

Belfast property developer Peter Curistan has been given the green light to claim fraud as part of his High Court action against the former Anglo Irish Bank.
The businessman, who built the Odyssey entertainment complex in the city, is also suing for breach of duty and negligence over the process to find a buyer for his long-term lease on the venue.
His lawyer told a judge on Friday that a writ against the defendant, now known as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, has been amended to include an allegation of fraud.
It follows earlier hearings before a High Court Master which cleared the way for the claim to be included in proceedings.
Allegations about the operation of shadow directorships are also set to feature in the case.
The amendments have been overseen by senior counsel representing Mr Curistan, the court heard.
The businessman is suing in a personal capacity after previous litigation was brought in the name of Sheridan Millenium, a company he ran before it went into administration in 2011.
Earlier this year the administrator assigned over to him the firm’s right to continue the action.
Mr Curistan developed the Odyssey Pavilion before losing control of it to Anglo.
He has since been involved in a series of legal battles with the bank.
In one case a High Court judge drew attention to a so-called ‘Golden Circle’ arrangement where the bank loaned 10 of its clients €450 million which they then used to buy shares in the bank.
The scheme was said to have been designed to prevent a large number of shares being sold on the open market which would have depressed the bank’s value.
At that stage the judge said the transaction appeared to be “improper and unlawful”.
Papers lodged in the renewed case against Anglo focus on claims around how the bank identified one of its clients as a potential purchaser for the leases around in 2008-09.
It is alleged that the management of the process amounted to a “shadow directorship”.
Other, better placed potential purchasers were ignored, according to claims against the bank.
The case has now been adjourned for a further hearing next year.
Outside court Mr Curistan said: “It has taken me seven months to get the approval to include allegations about fraud and shadow directorships in the statement of claim and writ.
“I’m now delighted we can move forward speedily to the trial in the near future.”

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Profits down but salaries doubled.

Pre-tax losses at the former Quinn manufacturing group last year increased 76-fold to €301.3m due to exceptional costs. (ouch) oh no, not again.

Pre-tax losses at the former Quinn manufacturing group last year increased 76-fold to €301.3m due to exceptional costs.
The group, known as the Aventas Manufacturing Group, was made up of four core businesses namely container glass, construction industry supplies, plastics & packaging and radiators.
Aventas is 75pc owned by its former creditors - mainly banks and hedge funds - with the remainder held by its principal former lender, the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (Good Old Anglo) (Paul O'Briens) buddies  in liquidation.
However, (wait for it media puppets at it again) the losses arise from the breakdown of the group which has included the sale of its four trading divisions that has contributed to a total of €755m being returned to creditors since 2011 and all senior debt repaid in full.(Written off more likely)
The accounts, filed by Gortmullan Holdings Ltd, show that group revenues last year increased by 4pc,  almost €30m from €666.86m to €693.8m.
Group chairman Mike McTighe said: "Our financial statements make for very difficult reading (give back your salary if you find it that difficult to read)  in what was operationally a very successful year ( £301 million down) for the group as a whole."
He said: "This is due to the technical requirement to present the financial statements on a break-up basis as we have completed the sales of all of the operating divisions with two concluding post December 31, 2014, year end."
Mr McTighe said the group's operating profits increased by €0.8m to €27.8m while net cash flow increased by €33.8m to €75.2m.
Numbers employed increased from 2,630 to 2,766 with staff costs amounting to €121.28m
Directors' emoluments last year almost doubled going from €2.3m to €4.16m. (Not to mention all the shares they got plus  huge bonuses. Well its nice to know the Aventas Team doubled their salaries, STUPID BONDHOLDERS. They deserve everything they get.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

Media Puppet No.1 RADIO TELEFÍS ÉIRE biggest liars in the world.

Is Justice a Dirty Word?

Is Justice a Dirty Word?

The weeks, months and years roll on since the worse decision ever made in Irish corporate history,  a decision that cost this country billions and bondholders loosing over 75% of their equity in Quinn Group because of a deal concocted between the Irish Government, Murdoch McKillop and Anglo Irish Bank that went terribly wrong. Yet no one has ever taken any blame for the wasteful money spent by Anglo Irish Bank intimidating the Quinn’s.

Somehow during these early days the Governments managed to make sure no politicians North or South would step out of line and they set about trying to destroy Sean Quinn, his family and then his friends and neighbours using whatever  means possible while pretending they were in the shadows and oblivious to it all.

The work force kept their heads below radar and worked clandestinely to make sure the administrators put in place would never achieve anything from the takeover. That  worked 100%.

Anglo set out to destroy Sean Quinn and their intention was to leave him with nothing after planning the takeover for over one full year. They expected  trouble on the day of the takeover but like any good guerrilla army who know when the odds are against them, “they just retreat and fight a rear-guard action”.

After the takeover, day after day we were bombasticed by the media about big bad Sean Quinn but they forgot about Social Media and its power.

Whatever they threw at us was thrown back 100% more powerful and this message was getting across because of the power of social media sites.

Stats from these sites were showing who and where this was read and the mainstream media had no answer to this.

When a rally was called for in Ballyconnell on a Thursday evening for the next Sunday evening and ten thousand attended they knew finally they had lost the media battle.

A few die hard's still try to slander us all but not many are now listening to them at last the TRUTH is finally coming out bit by bit what really happened.  At the various tribunals we are discovering who the real culprits are and now many journalists who were once anti Sean Quinn have now started to do serious research and not just take what they are dealt  and are once again writing positively about him once again.

Each day we hear from different Tribunals the real facts of what was going on and who sanctioned what and when but still some try and say it was all Sean Quinn’s fault.

It seems nobody in Government is prepared to do the right thing and admit what they did was wrong and based on inaccurate information from the Regulator who was so powerful no one in Government dared question him for fear what would happen markets.

Still they try and cover-up what Anglo Irish Bank was doing by propping up their own shares and who would really blame Anglo as that was the norm for these banks but when they scapegoat someone and ruin a great company put hundreds on the dole and hundreds emigrate then a spade is a spade and someone has to take the blame within the organisation but trying to push it onto Sean Quinn is morally wrong.

They took a huge company generation hundreds of millions of turnover each year spread across the Europe and Asia and nearly made it worthless. Companies sold off for €1 and millions giving to very dubious outfits in Russia to recover assets that no courts has ever ruled on who actually is the rightful owner. Yet we still hear the same old rhetoric about Sean Quinn putting assets beyond reach of the courts.

Now we are seeing the fruits of this sell off such as Quinn Insurance to Liberty with big insurance price hikes coming down the line. All blamed on Sean Quinn.

It’s as if the Government who are the real power broker here don’t care how much they spend or squander as long as they keep the rotten system in place.

Many will remark how present and past governments all protect each other from all serious wrong doings. Now and again they hang a few out when they are left with no choice but they do everything to protect the system.

While politicians and governments will come and go, the SAGA of Sean Quinn  and his family will not leave the arena and someday Justice will be done whither we are around or not to see it.

It would be the right and proper thing to do if someone in Government took the decision that once and for all they must sort out the Quinn’s and the great injustice that they bestowed on them. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

How Business is Done in Ireland

Now we know why they would not accept  Sean Quinn's offer. They would have made money.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Global Risk Solutions vandalise property aided and abetted by the PSNI

This morning at around 9am the ongoing feud between  the  operators  of Mantlin and Snugborough Windfarm and local farmers  North and South of the border took a cynical and dangerous  twist when Global Risk Solutions vandalised numerous roads and steel gates on Slieve Rushen Mountain that straddles the border between Cavan and Fermanagh.

Global Risk Solutions brought a large   bulldozer up the Snugborough road from Ballyconnell with a Garda escort. When the guards left the scene, disregarding health and safety rules and regulations Global Risk Solutions  then set about ripping a large steel gate from it's hinges, bulldozing large stone and other material into local farmer’s fields to re-open a road closed by local farmers over a ongoing dispute about Right of Way.

While all this was happening they  produced no legal documents with authority to do what they did North or South of the border, no  Health and Safety documents, no  Risk Analysis, no  Methodology Statement, no SafePass’s etc.  All the normal rules that govern every other contractor of the land were brushed aside and they acted  with complete disregard for the rule of law and order.   If a farmer left a road in the same condition he would be jailed. 

A large machine such as was used today reversing onto a busy road with no stop signs or lookout personnel in place ran the risk of getting someone killed as this stretch of road is very busy with Quinn Lorries  drawing  raw material from Swanlinbar Quarry to the cement factory.

All Quinn’s scheduled loads  we were told had to be stopped because of the way  Global Risk Solutions  left the road covered with large stones and very slippery clay which is still there making the road very dangerous.

Driving on these roads is not now advisable until Global Risk Solutions clean them and make them safe.

When they completed this sheer wanton vandalism south of the border they headed up a gravel road that links the South with the North and used the powerful bulldozer to smash another huge steel gate.  These steel gates were initially installed to protect against car rallying  and motorbike  stunts on a private road.

You might find this hard to believe but on the Northern side of the border units of the PSNI were present and were an accessory to the crimes committed.

From information received from the PSNI offices onsite they were sent to the scene with an email from Inspector Robinson of the PSNI. Could this Inspector Robinson happen to be the husband of Arlene Foster? If he is, then  this a very serious issue as we all know about his close ties with Aventas.
    *The article refers to Inspector Robinson as being Minister Foster's husband. While those on-site stated that he gave the order to come to the mountain, his boss in fact, is Superintendent Foster, the Minister's husband. It will be interesting to find out on what basis the PSNI attended the scene yesterday, and to see if the Minister herself condemns this criminal action.
No matter who he was that authorized this  police presence and  standing by while Global Risk Solutions broke the law now needs to be investigated urgently by the Police Ombudsman as this is a serious abuse of power.

When asked why they were sent they said they didn’t know, but nevertheless they stood by and watched while criminal damage was carried out on other people’s property. They stood by as Global Risk Solutions once again left more roads on the Northern side of the border in a very dangerous condition with very slippery clay and rough stones everywhere which were a serious danger to a car or lorry’s braking system and the local road had to closed due to a very  severe Health and Safety risk. Global Risk Solutions bulldozed large stones into farmer’s fields  and damaged wires fences which belong to Coillte (Irish Forestry Company)

Are the police not supposed to uphold law and order? Today they turned a blind eye.

We want to point out that local farmers are involved in  court action against the owners of these Windfarm’s as these Windfarm companies  have no right of way over these lands but Global Risk Solutions aided by the PSNI  think they can do why they want  with complete disregard for the rule of law and order nor for the local farmers or the health and safety of the local community.

These are some of the men who ordered and instigated today's vandalism on Slieve Rushan. 

Danny Cluskey, Director
Global Risk Solutions Director.
Ex Military and Gun for Hire. Paul O'Brien Bodyguard.

Frank McKenna.  Director
Ex Detective Chief Superintendent and member of CAB with International  police contacts.

Greg Brown head of secuity at quinns  when  POB thought he was Lord and Master. Made a fortune  selling security camera's, traffic barriers and bollards that didn't work (cannot remember catching anyone)  to The Quinn Group (Aventas) through his friend Paul O'Brien. He then resold the same camera's to (Quinn Glass) and continues to provide security to (Quinn Glass) with an annual bill of millions per year.

Global Security Spying
It will take more than that Global Risk Solutions.
Did you hire this machine out unknowingly. Were you told what it would be used for? Contact us if you  were conned?
Do you know who this machines belongs to? Double click for clearer  and bigger picture
Closer look at the serial number. Do you know the owner? Double click for clearer  and bigger picture
Global Risk Solutions are a twisted as this  piece of Steel.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sensational Revelation Denis O'Brien and IBRC

DENIS O'BRIEN TELEPHONES SEAN QUINN ON BEHALF OF .............................................................................................


The Irish Gov. and the IBRC boys have been adamant that there is no cosy relationship between Denis O'Brien and themselves and that O'Brien was given no favourable treatment or terms.

 We beg to differ. There are reports in the market that O'Brien was acting on behalf of Aynsley, Dukes and Co when he rang Sean Quinn in Autumn 2012 to set up a meeting between the Quinns and IBRC with a view to a so called "settlement".

 The subsequent meeting was chaired by non other than "Independent Group of Newspapers" Chief Executive, Leslie Buckley. 

We must remind ourselves that Buckley and Derbhail Mac Donald work for Denis O'Brien. If Denis O'Brien was not on very close terms with Anysley and Co. how could he take it on himself to arrange a critical meeting with the Quinns on IBRC's behalf? 

Now we see why Alan Dukes was quaking in the oversized boots a few weeks ago when he let the cat out of the bag by mentioning A1 as a questionable partnership.

What is even more interesting is the timing. This meeting was arranged at around the same time that the Quinns were sent to jail and more importantly, the same time as Niall Mac Partland, (Sean Quinn's son-in-law) went before Justice Kelly in the High Court to say that the Quinn family were offering to do everything humanly possible to retrieve their own assets including travel to Russia etc. 

They offered to work WITH the bank to get the assets back. Surely, this would have been the best option for the taxpayers as it would have cost nothing while the proposed deal with A1 was offering the company an arm and a leg to retrieve the assets.

A1 had a "criminal" track record in the highest of Gov circles and indeed they make the mafia appear like poodles so why would the Irish Gov/IBRC sanction such a costly deal with such a company when there was a sound offer on the table from the owners of the assets to retrieve to assets with no cost to the taxpayer?

The plot thickened until we learned in the past 24 hours that the owner and founder of A1, a man called Mikail Fridman, appointed Denis O'Brien as director of his company.

 Yes, it is becoming all too clear. Was it Denis O'Brien who introduced A1 to Aynsley, Dukes and Co and were they out to make a killing from Quinn assets? 

Dont forget, they had to move fast as there was a sound offer on the table from the Quinn family to work WITH the bank to regain control of the assets. Why would the Gov sanction such an outrageous deal with a company of ill repute when there was an option to work with the owners of the assets to recoup the assets?

We in CIC have nothing personal against Denis O'Brien. We are merely pointing out that IBRC was not acting in the best interest of those who were paying their wages (taxpayers) and that they misled the Irish people about the true nature of their relationship with Denis O'Brien.

 How convenient it was for them to have a bed fellow who owned most of the Irish media when they had a scapegoat to vilify!

They used the media to portray themselves as transparent, honest (what a joke that has become) with no improper and "conflict of interest" close relationships with customers of IBRC.

 Now we find out that O'Brien was Director of the company that they sanctioned to retrieve Quinn assets for an astronomical "fee". This all makes the Mick Wallace NAMA controversy about the 7 million "fee" look insignificant.

This is the same Denis O'Brien who denied any improper relationship with Michael Lowry, who denied wrongdoing in the ESAT/Siteserv Deal, the same man who was handed Topaz and made a killing in questionable circumstances, the same man who was pictured with Enda Kenny at a high profile dinner abroad.

The findings of a tribunal dealing with the affair were very serious in relation to the integrity of O'Brien and speak for itself.

Aynsly, Dukes and Co claim on the one hand to have been acting in the best public interest "Dukes was a Public Interest Director but did not know the meaning of the word", and that they had no improper relationship with Denis O'Brien as he owed the bank (Irish people) an enormous sum of money, most of which was written off by the bank, while on the other hand O'Brien set up a meeting with the Quinn family for IBRC at the very time that there is a judicial record of the Quinns offering to work WITH the bank.

 It does not take a genius to figure out that they were all in bed together and were out to make a small fortune out of the Quinns while using O'Brien's influences and media to make the Quinns the "most hated family in Ireland" while all the time, making complete fools of the Irish people. 

The Quinns are now recognized as the greatest victims of this farce and the Irish People will get answers.
Read explosive new revelations about Denis O'Brien and the company that was selected to grab Quinn assets, A1, for a hefty "fee" in latest articles on Concerned Irish Citizens facebook page
EXPLOSIVE NEW REVELATION! Important update------This article will be elaborated on in the next few hours as more amazing revelations are coming to our attention which threaten to rock the State.
(Share and tell the world what Dearbhail MacDonald is hiding).
An interesting development. The owner of Dearbhail MacDonald's newspaper, Mr Denis O'Brien, has been appointed a director of a company of Mikhail Fridman. 
Mr Fridman is one of the founders and owners of none other than A1, the company employed to recover the Quinn assets. 
This may go some way to explain the partisan approach that is often taken in covering this story. It would allow people to make their own, more objective, analysis of the story, if all relevant related facts were revealed. 
Surely this is a relevant fact, which is not common knowledge, that Dearbhail MacDonald should have revealed?

Dearbhail Mac Donald seems hell bent on scuppering any deal. Why? A settlement is crucial for every citizen in the State not to mention imperative for the protection and creation of thousands of jobs. Strange that Mac Donald mentions the rent roll but asks no questions about where it has gone but then she is only interested in having a pop at the Quinns. 
Of course, she also never mentions the fact that the Quinns offered to pay the State 2.8 billion. Selective journalism at its best or should we say worst! Dearbhail Mac Donald, you have had your day with this story. 
You had the opportunity to show that you were a credible journalist and you failed miserably. Perhaps, you should take a leaf out of Mary Carolan's book.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Real Facts are "Nobody wants to buy Stolen Property" Perhaps around Teemore/Derrylin the grabbers should Realize that.

Sale of Quinn’s Russian and Ukrainian assets postponed

Slump in prices leads to delay until economy in both countries improves

The Government is postponing the sale of Russian and Ukrainian assets accumulated from the family of the former billionaire Sean Quinn after prices slumped.
The State secured the agreement of Alfa Group’s A1 trading and investment company, controlled by Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman, to hold the assets until the economy improves, A1 said on Tuesday. Enda and Noonan dealing with the Russian MAFIA
The holdings are now valued at as much as $120 million, down from about $200 million in 2013 when A1 and the State entered the partnership, A1 said.
The State is seeking to recoup investments in real estate assets including a skyscraper in Moscow and a shopping mall in Kiev, properties accumulated by Mr Quinn, once Ireland’s richest man.
Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, along with high interest rates and a slump in oil prices, have pushed the Russian economy toward its first recession since 2009, while Ukraine output shrank 17 per cent in the first quarter.
“During two years of practical cooperation between the bank and A1, a serious success was achieved in recognizing the rights to all key real estate assets in both Russia and Ukraine that were illegally withdrawn from the appropriate owners and lenders,” Eoin O’Leary, Ireland’s ambassador to Russia, said. His predecessor, Philip McDonagh, said in 2013 that the recovery of the assets is of “paramount importance” to Ireland. How many times have we heard that its before the courts and the Government cannot Intervene.
Under the original deal, A1 was to get 30 per cent from the sale of recovered assets. The revised deal allows A1 to earn future rental income and a payout of 20 per cent from the sale of assets. Still throwing away the Taxpayers money.
Since the joint venture was established in 2013, the ruble and Ukraine’s hryvnia have tumbled against foreign currencies and commercial property values have plummeted, Alfa said.
As a result of the joint venture, Alfa said it had been able to secure control over the Q Park warehouse complex in Kazan, the Kutuzoff office tower in Moscow and the Univermag shopping center in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.
Alfa failed to sell Q Park, valued at 2.58 billion$50 million, in public auctions in April and December.
“Moscow offices have some liquidity, but depend on debt and regional logistics are challenging,” Tim Millard, head of the Russian advisory group at real estate broker Jones Lang LaSalle in Moscow, said. “The Kiev market is basically not operating.”

Monday, 6 July 2015

Richard Bruton tries to defend a company that has robbed Ireland of money and jobs.

It wasn't that long ago he was planning a Coup d'etat on poor Enda, hero of the IMF and Troika.

Minister for Jobs says it’s unfair to assume that Liberty Insurance is preparing to exit Ireland

The Minister for Jobs says it’s unfair to assume that Liberty Insurance is preparing to exit Ireland.
Minister Richard Bruton was responding to Fianna Fail Senator Diarmuid Wilson in the Seanad earlier this week where he asked him to retain the jobs in Cavan, Blanchardstown and Enniskillen.
115 jobs are expected to go in the Cavan office as the company seeks 270 voluntary redundancies between the three centres.
Minister Bruton says he has given instruction to Enterprise Ireland and the IDA to redouble their efforts in job creation in Cavan.
The Sunday Business Post reports that peace talks will commence this week at an undisclosed address.
 "At a later stage, it is hoped to bring in John McCartin and other members of the QBRC consortium who bought the Quinn manufacturing businesses.
John still hopes that a deal that he had almost clinched with the State some weeks before the talks broke down, can be achieved.
An agreement had been drafted and a date had been agreed for signing towards the end of May", the SBP reports.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Retired Judge to act as mediator between Quinn family and IBRC in long running liability dispute

Sean Quinn
Retired Judge Mr Justice Joseph Finnegan has agreed to act as mediator in the long running legal dispute between the family of businessman Sean Quinn and State-owned Irish Bank Resolution Corporation over liability for loans of €2.34 billion made by the former Anglo Irish Bank to Quinn companies.
At the Commercial Court Mr Justice Robert Haughton was told today by Eoin O’Shea Bl, for the Quinns, that the former Supreme Court and President of the High Court has agreed to act as mediator.
The matter was adjourned for mention to a date in early October. It is understood the mediation process will commence later this month.
The judge welcomed the news, and congratulated the parties on obtaining the services of Mr Justice Finnegan. He wished the parties well in the mediation process and adjourned the matter for mention to a date in early October.
The court had previously been informed that the parties had agreed to mediation.  The case, should it proceed to hearing before the Commercial Court, could take several months to complete.
The action, initiated in May 2011 and due to open on June 3rd last, has been deferred to January 2016 pending the outcome of criminal proceedings against former Anglo Chairman, Sean Fitzpatrick, due for hearing in October.
Two other hearing dates for the Quinns’ action were also previously deferred, also on the application of the DPP and on similar grounds of criminal proceedings against various former Anglo executives and officials.
In their case against IBRC and its special liquidator Kieran Wallace, the Quinns allege some €2.34bn loans made by Anglo to various Quinn companies were for the unlawful purpose of propping up the bank’s share price. Following a Supreme Court decision last March, they cannot pursue aspects of their claim alleging the loans are unenforceable.
The defendants previously joined Sean Quinn Senior and two former senior Quinn Group executives, Dara O’Reilly and Liam McCaffrey, as third parties.
The third parties have denied the bank’s claims they acted as agents of the Quinn plaintiffs concerning disputed share pledges and guarantees.
The legal costs of the Quinn proceedings to date are estimated to run to several million Euro.

Derek Smith what a lying sod. You should be ashamed of your self and what you did " You took the 30 pieces of silver and betrayed your friends.



Saturday, 27 June 2015

Who will Represent the people of the Border Area.

Mary Jones
 Can this Sinn Fein Councillor get someone in the Dail to ask relevant questions like how can Kieran Wallace and Paul Gallagher still represent Anglo/ IBRC when they are both so badly conflicted?

 Gallagher was advising the Gov. on the night of the bank guarantee AND in his role as Attorney- General he was advising the Gov. on the Quinn CFD position.

 Wallace lied in accusing the Quinns of having millions of gold and cash in court some months ago. Both these men have vested interests and are seriously conflicted. 

Sinn Fein should be able to raise these and other relevant Quinn issues in the Dail.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Staff at Liberty Need to Fight if they want to keep Jobs

"Liberty has been in talks with a Polish company to outsource the Enniskillen operation fact. These talks are at an advanced stage fact. 

Enniskillen will be closing by Dec 16 ( apparently date is movable ) go ask employee representatives, to ask questions. 

If these are still the same representatives appointed during the administrators time, change them. 

Some of the employee representatives were given perks back in 2010/2011 to keep staff calm and push that " this sale to Liberty is the only option " also remember Liberty promised no job losses for at least 2 years. 

Eleven months later 350 jobs gone, now 2 years after that a further 270 jobs. 

Where is the wonderful Arlene Foster now ? Is she still singing Libertys praises? Is she still saying how wonderful it is multinationals coming to Fermanagh ? Is is going to go to Liberty and ask for confirmation that they will not close Enniskillen ? Don't hold your breath folks."

We all knew it was just a matter of time .

We  listened to the lies told by TD's and Ministers and the Press Poodles made sure they  printed it in BOLD  how  rosy everything would be once Sean Quinn was out of the  ring.

Yesterday we heard the news about the job losses in Liberty and we wondered why it took them that long to start closing it down as they never had any real interest in  making it viable in the first place.

They were handed Quinn Insurance by the present Government  on a plate  and Liberty made sure they licked it clean.

It was pathetic to hear all the local TD's on Shannon side shedding crocodile tears for the poor staff and how all the resources of the State will be available to help them.

All the staff want are good jobs. They don't want to  attend useless  courses on subjects that they will never use. How many more will leave our shores never to return. 

Heather Humphries was the biggest joke of all "just listen to that useless Politician".

We will also remember how she  took the bullet to save Enda.

What a silly woman.

People of Cavan/Monaghan/Leitrim you have a vote next year (perhaps even this year)  use it wisely

A minister completely out of TOUCH "Defending Liberty".

Minister Humphrey's says Government have not lost touch with people - following jobs blow at Liberty Insurance

270 jobs are to go at Liberty Insurance in Cavan, Blanchardstown and Enniskillen.
115 of those jobs are expected to go from their offices on the Dublin Road in Cavan.
The US-owned group – which bought out Quinn Insurance four years ago – is closing its UK retail arm which is serviced from Ireland.
They say the business has been heavily loss making, leaving Liberty with no option but to exit the UK retail market.
Employees were addressed at briefings in Cavan, Dublin and Enniskillen today where they were told that a total of 270 jobs will go at the three locations over the next 18 months.
It is expected that there could be approximately 135 redundancies in Dublin, 115 jobs will go in Cavan as part of the move with an additional 20 jobs losses in Enniskillen.
However in a statement to Northern Sound News, they say the final number of redundancies are uncertain until the conclusion of the process.
The company employs just under 1,000 people in Ireland.
Staff were told today that the company will commence the process of seeking the 270 voluntary led redundancies.
In addition, the company today announced plans to transfer its contact centre in Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh and 210 employees to a 3rd party company that specialises in customer management, a move which they claim could potentially lead to further growth opportunities for the centre.
They say the details of these plans will be announced once a preferred partner is agreed and contracts finalised.
In the meantime, 270 voluntary redundancies – 115 in Cavan, 135 in Dublin and 20 in Enniskillen will be sought over the next 18 months.
These people in Cavan have been giving their reaction to the news to our reporter Tessa Fleming.
11.36am – Fine Gael TD Joe O’Reilly’s –  Statement
“I was very distressed and upset to hear the sad news this morning. My heart goes out to the workers and the families involved, especially those based in Cavan. This is a real tragedy for them and I fully recognise that this is a major blow to be dealt, as their whole lives were built around their jobs.
I have already been in touch with Minister Bruton and his Office and I will remain so, on a constant basis, over the coming days. I am assured by him that all steps will be taken to alleviate this matter. The priority of Government, over the coming days, is to assist the affected workers who received this terrible news. The important thing is to try to get them all back to work, as soon as possible.
Minister Bruton has assured me that in the interim, he will be contacting Minster for Social Protection, Joan Burton TD and her Department, to make sure that all necessary assistance will be put in place for the workers (Information on Welfare options, further training and education, back to work schemes etc…).
Ultimately, this is distressing news for everyone involved and my goal now is to ensure that everything possible will be done, at Government level, to replace the jobs that were lost.”
12.00pm TD Joe O’Reilly update
I have had another telephone conversation with Minister Bruton and he has once again assured me that all necessary State Agencies will be put in place to assist the impacted workers. I also said that, in the context of the new Border Enterprise Strategy, every effort will be made to replace the jobs that are lost.
12.02pm – Minister Humphreys expresses sympathy with Liberty Insurance employees – Statement
“The Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys TD, has today (Thursday) expressed her sympathy with workers at Liberty Insurance, following the announcement that the company is seeking to cut up to 115 jobs at its Cavan facility.  Minister Humphreys said:“This is devastating news for workers at Liberty Insurance in Cavan. The company’s decision to exit the UK market will have a major impact on its operations here and news of these expected job losses is extremely disappointing for Cavan town.
“Many of the workers at Liberty would of course have previously worked with Quinn Insurance, and have gone through a lot of upheaval and uncertainty in recent years. Today’s announcement will have come as a major blow for all staff at Liberty and for their families.
“The Cavan job losses are part of a wider cost cutting plan being implemented at Liberty’s facilities in Ireland. The company has said that the job losses will be implemented on a voluntary basis over the next year and a half. This provides some time for workers to find alternative employment.
“I have spoken to the CEO of Liberty and impressed upon him the need to do everything possible to assist staff. I understand that there may be transfer options available for staff and it is very important that these options are explored fully.
“Liberty is a huge international insurance company and it is vital that fair redundancy packages are put in place. The supports of all the relevant State agencies will be made available to workers.  “Even after these job losses, Liberty will remain a major employer in Cavan town. It is very important, therefore, that Liberty has said it remains fully committed to building a successful business in Ireland.
“The Government is committed to supporting job creation in the regions. The Border Region Action Plan for Jobs, which includes Cavan and Monaghan, will be published after the summer and will play a very important role in driving job creation in both counties.”
13.36pm – Senator Kathryn Reilly devastated by the news of huge redundancies at Liberty Insurance – Statement
Speaking in the Seanad this morning, Cavan Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly raised the devastating news of the 270 proposed redundancies at Liberty Insurance, 115 of which have been announced for Cavan.
Senator Reilly stated:
“Any job loss is a tragedy, but job losses on this scale are a terrible devastation, in particular to the 270 workers affected, their families, their communities, and the economy. The job losses in Cavan are quite severe, and it will no doubt adversely affect the county and even further afield.
“These proposed redundancies come in stark contrast to the government’s position on continuous job creation. The reality in Cavan is much different, and the distressing news of these job losses has had the unfortunate effect of highlighting this once again.
“Cavan and other regions in rural Ireland have particularly suffered under this government. The county has only had a paltry 10 IDA visits since 2008.
“It is important that the government is ready to act in response to these proposed redundancies. If any of the workers need upskilling or reskilling then it should be provided, but in the main these will be very skilled and will need access to markets where their skills are applicable.
“Therefore, it is important that the government and the IDA meet with companies who can provide the type of employment needed for these workers and see if they can be brought to Cavan.”
In concluding, Senator Reilly called on the leader to facilitate Minister Bruton to address the Seanad on the redundancies, a call which was accepted by the leader.”
14.17pm – Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin – Statement
The announcement this morning that Liberty Insurance is to cut 270 jobs in Ireland, including 115 in Cavan is “devastating news for those who currently work in Liberty, particularly those in Cavan, their families and interdependent businesses who have relied on this large employer in the area” stated Cavan/Monaghan Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin.
Deputy Ó Caoláin stated;
“This development is absolutely outrageous. Almost one third of their entire workforce is to be laid off. We cannot accept a situation where the company simply dumps such a large number of their workers. I have no doubt but that this would have a disproportionate effect on the whole community in Cavan.
“Liberty Insurance have a lot more information to give. While the insurers have said that the redundancies will be voluntary we all know what happens when there are too few applicants for such schemes. More information must be shared with workers and those of us interested in the welfare of all involved.
“I will write directly to the Minister for Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation Richard Bruton T.D. requesting his immediate contact with management in Liberty to examine what can be done to revisit this decision. The Government must do everything within its power to ensure that this massive job loss does not happen in the first instance and that they put contingency plans in place if it is to go ahead” concluded Ó Caoláin.”
15.41pm – Department of Social Protection supports will be available for Liberty Insurance workers who need them – Statement 
Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, T.D. has pledged that a range of Department of Social Protection income and employment supports will be available for Liberty Insurance worker who need them following today’s announcement.
The Tánaiste said: “My first thoughts are with the staff following this very difficult news today. While Liberty Insurance has stated that it will be seeking voluntary redundancies, nevertheless this will have an impact on livelihoods and local businesses in Blanchardstown, Cavan and Enniskillen. I would like to assure the employees of Liberty Insurance based in these three locations that officials in the Department of Social Protection will be available to provide advice on social welfare supports and entitlements should they decide to take voluntary redundancy.”
The Department of Social Protection will contact Liberty Insurance in each of these locations this afternoon with a view to arrange possible briefing sessions for employees of the company.
At briefings of this type, officials from the Department advise the employees who opt for voluntary redundancies, on the Intreo process, jobseeker’s payments and redundancy entitlements as well as information on other schemes, including Rent Supplement.  Information is also given in relation to options and assistance available relating to returning to work, and in relation to Short Term Enterprise Allowance, as well as training and education options.
The Tánaiste added: “I would urge management in Liberty Insurance to arrange for its employees to be given the time to avail of the briefing services being offered by the Department.   We will make every effort to ensure that they have all necessary information on their social welfare entitlements in the event that they are required.”
17.42pm Brendan Smith –Statement
“Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan, Brendan Smith, has expressed his serious disappointment following the announcement by Liberty Insurance that it’s planning to cut 270 jobs at its offices in Cavan, Enniskillen and Dublin. The jobs will be phased out over the next 18 months as the company seeks voluntary redundancies.  Deputy Smith commented, “The news this morning will have come as a terrible blow to staff at Liberty Insurance and their families. The cuts appear to have come out of the blue and have come about as a result of the company’s decision to withdraw from the British motor insurance market. 115 workers in Cavan, 20 in Enniskillen, and 135 in Blanchardstown are now facing uncertain futures, many of them with families, mortgages and other responsibilities. This is an extremely daunting prospect and my thoughts are with the workers following this most disappointing decision by Liberty Insurance.
“Liberty Insurance, formerly Quinn Insurance, has been an extremely important and major employer in Cavan since the mid-1990s. The sale of Quinn Insurance to Liberty Insurance was concluded in October 2011. The company statement today states that they employ over 950 people in Cavan, Enniskillen, Blanchardstown and London. The Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, in April 2011 stated, in relation to the sale of Quinn Insurance, that he welcomed the positives of the proposed agreement in that almost all of 1,500 jobs in Quinn Insurance would be retained. Unfortunately, in the meantime, there has been a severe reduction in the level of employment in Liberty Insurance.
“I have called on the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to engage immediately with Liberty Insurance with a view to the retention of the maximum level of employment in this company. He must also get answers from the company in relation to the commitments they made at the time of the purchase of Quinn Insurance.
“A very serious effort needs to be made by the Jobs Minister and the statutory agencies to support employees who now face redundancy. The needs of redundant workers, whether in the area of retraining or upskilling, must be addressed and I know that there is a very committed and highly skilled workforce in Liberty Insurance. The least that they deserve is the full support of the State agencies to ensure that they are not deprived of the opportunity to successfully re-enter the workplace again.”
18.35 Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton – Statement
“Clearly our first thoughts are with the workers and their families as they face this difficult news. All the supports of the State, in terms of retraining, placement, entrepreneurship, access to social welfare and employment rights supports,  will be made available to the workers as needed. IDA Ireland will be meeting with the company in the coming days to explore how it can assist with these processes.
I note the statements by the company that it is fully committed to Ireland, that it will be seeking voluntary-led redundancies and that these will take place over an 18-month period. This sector faces challenges caused by an increasingly competitive insurance market across the UK and Ireland and difficulties related to the numbers of people taking up premiums.
Today’s announcement is a reminder that we must constantly battle to maintain the jobs we have and create new ones. Thankfully we are winning significantly more than we are losing, with jobs up substantially both nationally and in the counties affected over recent years.
IDA and Enterprise Ireland have had a number of successes in Cavan/Monaghan and Blanchardstown recently and will now step up efforts to win further projects for the areas affected, and through the regional jobs plans we will build further jobs growth across the country in the coming years.”